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Making ends meet is difficult at the best of times, but this year has posed an exceptional challenge to small and large businesses alike. One Bristol-based company found that their specialised niche, coupled with their dedication to a trustworthy service has seen them through the tough times.

Hawkins Insulation Ltd is a company with a long history. First established in 1973, the company has almost 50 years of delivering top quality, trustworthy service. Founded by Keith Hawkins, the business has stayed firmly within the family, with the responsibility of running the company passing onto his son, Dean.

Hawkins Ltd have a history with all insulation types but have developed a niche as asbestos specialists. As times changes and legislation regarding the substance changed, the company naturally changed with it.

By 2015, asbestos surveying and removal became such a main component of their income that they progressed to become a sole asbestos removal company.

Historically, asbestos is a seasonal trade. Work ebbs and flows in line with the building industry. Busy summers and quieter winters. It shows the benefits of working with a niche however, as while a lot of building works across the globe had to slow or halt entirely throughout the pandemic, Hawkins Ltd continued working as they were required for essential and emergency works during lockdown.

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