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In any industry there are always organisations that stand out from their peers and set the standards that others in their field have to aspire to achieve. First established back in 1973, Hawkins Insulation Ltd is an organisation that certainly meets this criteria leading the way when it comes to providing asbestos removal services across the South West. They have made quite a name for themselves over the years establishing a well deserved reputation as one of the leading lights in their industry and if the last few years are any barometer of what the future holds then there are many successful chapters yet to be written in the Hawkins Insulation Ltd’s story.

The reputation they have is fully justified and is now beginning to earn them more tangible forms of recognition. In the prestigious Southern Enterprise Awards they were given the impressive accolade of being named Most Professional Asbestos Consultancy Service. The award was well deserved and has further cemented their reputation as one of the absolute leaders in their field. Following on from that success we are delighted to announce that Hawkins Insulation Ltd are the latest recipients of one of our Awards of Excellence. They have won the award for Professional Asbestos Consultants for 2024.

With our awards we think it’s important to recognise organisations that are bringing something new and innovative to their marketplace. They don’t necessarily have to be the biggest but they have to be an organisation that is trying to offer something different to what is already out there and above all they must offer a great product or service. We feel that Hawkins Insulation Ltd ticks all the boxes and are worthy winners of our award. The awards are clearly no accident and will come as no surprise to anybody that has worked with them. In this edition we will try and give you an insight into the work that they do and the success that they’ve enjoyed.

There are many factors but first and foremost they are good at what they do with the entire team sharing the same steadfast determination to maintain the high standards that have become such a trademark. So who exactly are Hawkins Insulation Ltd and what is it that they do? Based in Bristol they are a family run business that has a proven track record with more than 50 years of experience working within both the domestic and commercial clients in Bristol and the surrounding region.

They were founded back in 1973 by Keith Hawkins as an insulation company and actually applying asbestos, which with regulations being enforced, Keith was one of the leading contractors in the asbestos removal sector and in turn aided the HSE Inspectors in its training. After several decades in charge Keith sadly passed and has now entrusted his son Dean with his life’s work who now runs the business and continues with Keiths legacy.

Over the years the company has evolved significantly initially dealing with asbestos surveying and aspects of asbestos licensed and non-licensed materials focusing exclusively on the removal and disposal of asbestos. They never cut corners or compromise on the quality of their service, always ensuring that any hazardous materials removed are as per the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, with the various sections of the Health and Safety Executive’s Approved code of practice (ACOP) and associated guidance notes and disposed of in accordance with ‘The Environmental Protection Act’ 1990; ‘The Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations’ 1991 and ‘Special Waste Regulations’ 1996.

The fact they are held in such high regard by their clients speaks volumes not only about the quality of the service that they provide but also the honest and ethical way they operate. Those clients include local councils, NHS Trusts, demolition contractors, the National Trust and many more. Clients have the peace of mind of knowing they are working with a team of award winning professionals who provide a reliable and responsible asbestos collection and disposal service.

The challenge that they face in the future as their reputation continues to grow and the demand for their services increases further will be to maintain the high standards that have given them so much success in the past. Given their track record we think it’s something that they will achieve and that Hawkins Insulation Ltd is a name you’ll be hearing much more of in the years to come.